Why Is My Pothos Not Rooting in Water?

Are you struggling to grow your pothos in water? Don’t worry – we have all it takes to get your pothos to grow fast in the water.

Pothos is a beautiful, easy-to-care-for plant perfect for hanging baskets and containers. It’s also one of the easiest plants to propagate at home. If you give it the appropriate care, it can thrive! But if you don’t notice some details, your pothos may grow slowly or stop altogether.

This article teaches you how to grow your pothos correctly in the water! We will take you through every step of propagating your baby pothos in water. And when they do root finally, we will even show you how to transfer them into a container or outside in the garden. So let us guide you through this process so that you can enjoy watching these little green miracles grow up healthy and strong, just like mommy did!

Pothos cutting in Water

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Why Is My Pothos Not Rooting in Water?

When your pothos does not root in water, it’s probably because you are using an inappropriate cutting. Generally, when you cut from an unhealthy vine, the pothos will not grow in water. Also, cuttings that are too long or do not include enough nodes will have a more challenging time rooting in water.

Here are some propagation mistakes to avoid if you want your pothos cutting to root in water:

Propagation mistakes to avoid for pothos

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The Main Reasons Why Your Pothos Are Not Rooting in Water

Rooting pothos in water requires skills and knowledge different from those used to grow pothos in soil. Generally, when people try to propagate pothos following the same steps they usually use to grow this plant in soil, they fail!

Many reasons may prevent your pothos from rooting in water. For example, if you use the wrong type of container or a fertilizer inappropriate for growing plants in water, you may end up doing more harm than good to your pothos.

Here are the main reasons why your pothos is not rooting in water:

Reason1# You Made Your Cutting from An Unhealthy Vine: When propagating plants, it is important to use healthy cuttings. Generally, cuttings taken from a healthy vine are more likely to root and grow successfully.

Reason 2 # You Are Trying to Grow Your Cutting in A Low Light Area: Pothos needs at least medium light to thrive. They will grow slowly or stop altogether if you are trying to propagate your pothos in a low-light area.

Reason 3 #- You Are Using a Long Cutting: Pothos cuttings that are longer than three inches will have more difficulty rooting.

Reason 4 #- You Are Trying to Grow Your Cutting in A Cold Area: Pothos cuttings will not root in cold environments. Make sure your propagating area is warm and humid.

Reason#5- You Didn’t Include a Node in Your Cutting: Pothos cuttings that don’t include a node will not root. Make sure to choose an area on the vine with at least a few nodes.

Reason#6- You Are Trying to Grow Your Pothos in Soft Water: Pothos does not do well in soft water. If your water is low in minerals, you may need to add a plant fertilizer or limestone to harden it.

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How Do You Make Pothos Roots Grow Faster in Water in 7 Simple Steps?

Pothos Plants Can Grow Faster in Water if You Follow the Right Protocol. In Fact, many people believe it is easier to propagate pothos in water than in soil.

To make your pothos roots grow faster in the water you can follow the step-by-step guide below:

Step#1 Start the Process Right by Cutting from A Healthy Vine: As we mentioned before, it is important to use healthy cuttings when propagating plants. This will give your pothos the best chance of growing fast and healthy.

Step#2 use a Small Cutting that Has at Least Two Leaves: Small cuts will have an easier time rooting than large ones. Make sure your cutting has at least two leaves to start photosynthesis as fast as possible.

Step#3 Use a Stem that Has at Least 3 Nodes: If you use a cutting with at least three nodes, it will have a better chance of rooting.

Step#4 Remove All the Leaves Below the Node: When you cut your pothos from the vine, remove all the leaves below the node. This will reduce water loss and help your pothos root faster.

Step#5 Put Your Pothos Cutting in A Vase of Clean Water: Once you have your cutting, place it in clean water. If you are propagating more than one cutting, leave enough space between them so the water can circulate properly.

Step#6 Make Sure That At Least One Node Is Fully Submerged in Water: It is essential to keep the nodes underwater. If you don’t, then your pothos cutting will not root properly, and it may die if left for too long.

Step#7 Move the Plant to Regular Garden Soil: Once your pothos has rooted, you can transfer it to a pot with regular garden soil. Before doing this, ensure the soil has all the nutrients it needs.

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Can Pothos Stay in Water Forever?

Many plants, including pothos, can grow in water only. In Fact, pothos is one of the most popular plants for growing in water because it has a reputation for being very easy to care for.

However, pothos is not the best choice for growing in water only. Although it has a reputation for tolerating such conditions, it is still a plant that needs some essential nutrients from the soil to thrive. For example, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are nutrients only found in soil.

But, if you want to grow your pothos in water only, you can still use liquid fertilizer to provide it with the nutrients mentioned above.

When using a liquid fertilizer, ensure to fertilize your plant only once a month. This way, you will avoid over-fertilizing your pothos. Many people start throwing fertilizers every so and then when they see that their pothos is not growing at a fast pace which does more harm than good for the plant.

If you want to grow your pothos in the water forever, you will also need to change the water every other week and clean the container whenever you see algae growing along with the plant.

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How Do You Change Pothos from Water to Soil?

A pothos plant ready to get transferred from water to soil

Pothos is a flexible plant that can easily be transferred from water to soil. However, if you don’t follow the proper process of moving your pothos from water to soil, you may end up destroying the plant that you waited too long to see rooting in water.

To avoid any issues when transferring your pothos from water to soil, you can follow the following step-by-step guide:

Step#1 Wait until The Roots Grow 2 to 4 Inches in Water: The first step is to wait until your pothos has grown about two or four inches in the water. This will ensure a healthy and robust plant transfer to the soil.

Step#2 Moist the Soil: Using a spray bottle, moisten the soil of your pothos. This will make sure that it is ready to receive new roots.

Step#3 Put the Plant in The Ground and Make Sure All the Roots Are Covered in Soil: After moistening the soil, take your pothos out of its water container and cover all its roots with soil.

Step#4 Water Your Pothos until You See Water Flowing from Drainage: Once you have put your pothos in the ground, water it until you see water flowing from the drainage hole.

Step#5: Give the appropriate care for your pothos: Once you have transferred them from water to soil, it is time for you to take care of them. This means you should provide it with the right amount of water, humidity, nutrients, and light.

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Is It Better to Propagate Pothos in Water or Soil?

Both water and soil are suitable environments for growing pothos. However, in some specific cases, choosing one area over the other would be better. For example, if you make a cutting from a pothos growing in the soil, it would be better to propagate it in the soil.

But generally, when you propagate a pothos in water and care for it correctly, it should propagate at the same pace as if it was propagated in soil.

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How Long Does It Take for Pothos to Root in Water?

When you grow pothos in water, they will generally grow new roots within one to two weeks. However, depending on the health of your cutting and the environment you are growing it in, this time frame may vary.

If you want your pothos to grow in water faster, you can follow the seven steps we listed above.

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In conclusion, when growing pothos in water, it is essential to make sure that you are following the proper protocol. Especially when providing your plant with nutrients found only in soil.

Also, if you want to keep your pothos forever, remember that they will need much more care if they are in the soil. For example, changing water and fertilizing frequently is a must if you only choose to grow this plant in water.

Finally, if you are looking for a fast way to root pothos in water, make sure that you follow the 7 steps that we have listed in this article.

Thank you for reading, and see you in another plant care tutorial.

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