Peperomia Placement: Where’s the Best Spot for Your Plant?

Most people place their Peperomia plant where it looks aesthetically pleasing. However, the best location for peperomia depends on the plant’s needs, not the gardener’s will.
Peperomia should be placed where it will get enough light, adequate humidity, and a stable temperature.
This article will discuss the best locations for the Peperomia plant and other tips that will help you avoid growing this plant in the wrong place.
Let’s get started!

A Peperomia Placed in A Hanging Pot

Where to Place Peperomia?

To choose a placement for your peperomia, you should consider three parameters. Light, humidity, and temperature. Peperomia grows best in bright indirect sunlight, high humidity, and temperature between 65-75 degrees F.

The best placement that provides bright indirect sunlight for houseplants is the east or west, facing window. A south-facing window will also work well for peperomia if you pull the plant back a little bit from the window.

The placements that offer high humidity for houseplants are kitchens and bathrooms. However, suppose you have another location in your house that offers good lighting but inadequate humidity. In that case, you can keep your peperomia in this location and use a humidifier to maintain humidity within the appropriate range.

The optimum humidity level for peperomia plants is 70 to 90 percent. This is the range at which plant leaves will remain moist without becoming soggy or wet. Make sure that you adjust your humidifier on this range.

Once you have found a place where your peperomia will get adequate lighting and humidity, you will need to protect it from cold drafts and heat stress. To keep this plant safe from the cold draft, especially during the winter, you should close windows and doors on cold days. Additionally, you can use a draft stopper around door gaps to prevent the cold air from getting inside the room.

Finally, to protect your peperomia from heat stress, we advise that you mulch the plant with chips or compost. By retaining moisture, mulching will help prevent the soil temperature from becoming too hot.

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What Window Should a Peperomia Be in?

The window where you should put your peperomia is east or west, facing window. A south-facing window can also work, but you must pull the plant back from the window to avoid sunburn.

East or west-facing windows are perfect for peperomias, particularly in the colder months when sunlight is at its weakest. They don’t receive the same amount of direct sunlight as south-facing windows, but they still provide plenty of indirect sunlight to help keep plants warm in the winter.

Indirect light provided by east or west-facing windows allows the plants to absorb the light throughout their leaves rather than having it concentrated on the upper surface. Indirect light also minimizes the risk of burning.

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What to Take into Consideration When Putting Peperomia in a Window?

Putting Peperomia in a Window

When you put peperomia in an east or west, facing window, it will get enough sun to photosynthesize and grow healthy. However, some factors can make such a placement harmful to this plant. For example, cold drafts and intense direct sunlight can cause your peperomia to suffer when growing near a window.

If you place your peperomia in the window, the cold drafts could damage the plant. Generally, this happens during the cold days of winter. Additionally, if you live somewhere where the temperature reaches deficient levels, your plant may suffer from freezing which can cause the leaves to curl up and die.

Also, if the temperature reaches an extremely high level during the summer and the sun’s rays become intense, the plant won’t support those conditions. Extreme temperatures and harsh sun rays will cause the plant to become stressed and dry and the leaves to wilt.

As a rule of thumb, you should usually be ready to take your peperomia inside when the conditions near the window become hostile. If the temperature is shallow, you will need to take the plant inside and expose it to grow light. If the temperature is too high and the sun rays are intense, protect your plant using shade cloth.

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Places to Keep Peperomia Away from

When choosing a placement for your peperomia, you should consider not only temperature, humidity, and light but also the factors that may put your plant at risk. For example, putting your peperomia in the kitchen can offer good humidity for the plant but can be exposed to the risk of the high temperature of ovens.

Let’s dive deeper into the top places that you should keep your peperomia away from:

Oven: As we said before, your peperomia is very sensitive to heat, so it’s not a good idea to put them near the oven as this will expose them to heat stress 

Fireplace: This is probably the worst place to put them. It’s not a good idea to put them on top of the fire or next to it because there will be a lot of heat from the fireplace, and this will cause them to dry out.

Within the Reach of Kids and Pets: Getting your peperomia out of their reach is mandatory if you have pets or kids in the house. First, this plant may cause severe toxicity to your kids and pets if they chew it. Second, Kids may pick up the plant and move it around or break off its leaves or stems when playing with it. 

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