When to Water Manjula Pothos?

Do you want to know when to water Manjula pothos? If so, then we will help you with this. This article will show you when you need to water Manjula pothos, as well as many other valuable tips on how to care for this plant.

In recent years there has been a lot of hybridization of pothos, and we started seeing different variegation and colors of this plant. Today we will go through a beautiful pothos variety patented by the University of Florida, the Manjula pothos. We will see how to care for this plant, where to find it, and how to propagate it.

When to Water Manjula Pothos?

To water the Manjula pothos, you need to wait until the soil becomes dry, then spread water thoroughly till you see water flowing out the bottom of the container. If you want to be more precise about watering Manjula Pothos and avoid overwatering this plant, it’s highly recommended to check the soil’s humidity using a moisture meter. When the needle of the moister meter turns toward the red zone, only you can water your plant.

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How to Care for Manjula Pothos?

Manjula Pothos Grown in a Pot

Manjula pothos has a similar care protocol as regular pothos except for some specific details. This section will go through all the elements that will help you grow Manjula Pothos successfully.

Recommended Lighting for The Manjula Pothos

The recommended lighting condition for Manjula Pothos is low lighting. But there’s a big difference between soft light and dark. In fact, many people tend to forget plants in darkness when they hear that they tolerate low lighting conditions.

It’s true that some plants, including Manjula Pothos, can go for a while in darkness, but they’re not going to grow at their best, as every plant needs light to thrive. In the case of Manjula Pothos, a little window with no direct lighting would be perfect.

If you want to put your Manjula Pothos in front of a window, I recommend a window with shears. Personally, I like to use shears and blinds so I can adjust the amount of lighting.

If you’re going to put your Manjula Pothos in front of a window that gets direct light, you need to be very careful, as such lighting conditions can burn the plant. Also, natural lighting can negatively affect the amount of irrigation in Manjula Pothos.

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What Is the Best Humidity Level for Manjula Pothos?

Manjula Pothos are tropical plants, and they like high degrees of humidity. If you live in a high-humidity zone like central Florida, you will not need to do anything to increase the humidity of your plant. However, If you feel that the moisture around your plant is low, I highly recommend using a humidifier.

I used to live in a low-humidity zone before. I used to measure humidity levels regularly using a hygrometer and then plug the humidifier whenever the humidity was lower than 40%.

In the case of Manjula pothos, it’s recommended to keep humidity between 50 and 70 percent to help improve the growth of this plant.

How to Water Manjula Pothos Correctly?

The most crucial detail in watering the Manjula Pothos is ensuring the plant dries out between waterings. So, don’t worry about this plant if it gets dried out completely. In fact, when it comes to the pothos family, you should have them under-watered than over-watered. Generally, pothos can recover from underwatering, but once you overwater them, they are pretty much gone.

I water my Manjula Pothos once a week or every other week. But It all depends on your environment and how quickly your plant is drying out. Therefore, nobody can tell you how often you would need to water Manjula Pothos because everybody’s environment is different.

My golden rule for watering Manjula Pothos or any other plant is to use facts, not guessing and estimates. To do so, you can use a moisture meter to determine how wet or dry the soil is. When that soil starts getting in the red zone, it’s time to water.

For more insights on how to care for Manjula pothos, check out the following video:

Manjula pothos care video tutorial

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How to Propagate Manjula Pothos?

This plant can be propagated the same as your typical pothos plant in terms of propagating the Manjula Pothos. You look for the node, cut right below it, and then put the cutting in water. Once the plant roots and the root is roughly one to two inches long, then you can plant it up.

The Manjula Pothos is a slow grower compared to the typical pothos plant. So don’t worry if you realize that your Manjula pothos is taking a few more weeks to propagate.

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Where to Find Manjula Pothos?

Generally, hybridized pothos varieties like the Manjula are much harder to come by, although they are becoming more available at big box stores. Personally, I buy Manjula Pothos from big box stores for reasonable prices.

Don’t be discouraged if you’re on the hunt for a Manjula pothos. Although the Manjula pothos is not as available as the jade pothos or your golden pothos, they can still be found in big box stores.

I purchased one last year from Lowes for less than five dollars. I also found a nice-looking Manjula pothos at Walmart for less than fifteen dollars. But if you want a Manjula Pothos at a bargain price, I advise you to look at Etsy, as you can get one for as low as three bucks.

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What Is The Difference Between Manjula Pothos and Regular Pothos?

Image illustrating the Difference Between Manjula Pothos and Regular Pothos

The characteristics of the Manjula pothos are a little different than those of some of your other pothos. One thing you’ll notice about the Manjula pothos is that the leaves are more significant than the typical pothos and tend to be wavy or curly.

Also, the leaves of Manjula Pothos come with a creamy white color in the middle with green edges, which makes it one of the most beautiful pothos varieties overall.

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Manjula pothos is a plant with similar characteristics and requirements to regular pothos. However, this plant is somehow rare to find and can take a long time to propagate. Manjula pothos is becoming available in big box stores like Walmart and Lowes, but you can also buy it online at a reasonable price on Etsy. Finally, to grow Manjula pothos, you must provide it with moderate watering and high humidity.

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