Why Is My Lucky Bamboo Too Tall? Discover the Causes and Fixes

Are you growing a lucky bamboo, but it suddenly starts growing too tall? Do you want to know what to do in this situation? If yes, read this article thoroughly. We will show you how to solve this problem without causing any harm to your loved plant.

When your lucky bamboo gets too tall, you can either prune it or cut the stalks. When you prune the plant, you will shorten its size, but new growth can occur within a few weeks. However, if you cut the stalks, your plant’s height will stay the same, and new growth will occur only below the cut.

In the following paragraphs, we will tell you about the factors that cause your lucky bamboo to grow too tall and how to get this plant back to its standard size.

A Group of Tall Lucky Bamboo Plants

What Causes Lucky Bamboo to Get Too Tall?

Lucky bamboo gets too tall for two main reasons. The first one is overfertilizing. The second one is phototropism. 

Let’s explain each one of these factors separately and see how they cause lucky bamboo to get too tall:

Too Much Fertilizer

One of the leading causes of overgrowth for lucky bamboo is overfertilizing. When this plant is fed too much fertilizer, it will quickly become too large and may topple over or be challenging to manage. The stems will begin to stretch and grow too far in all directions, making them tall and leggy.

Besides overgrowth, over-fertilization can have adverse effects on plants. It can lead to a buildup of nutrients in the soil and the plant’s tissues and create overly acidic conditions.

Overfertilizing can also be a waste of time and money. Generally, fertilizers cost a lot of money and don’t give results until the end of the growing season. Therefore, if you don’t use fertilizer properly, you will spend more money and lose one year of plant care and growth.

Fertilizers can also harm the environment when they are not disposed of properly. Excessive use of fertilizers can contribute to environmental and water contamination.

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When lucky bamboo is placed too far from the light source, it will grow taller to get more light. This phenomenon is known as phototropism. It is also known as tropism.

When the direction of the light is changed, the plant moves toward the light source. Plants that were grown far from windows often grow very tall and leggy and have a spindly look. They bend towards the light to receive more light. In other words, they grow their leaves towards the sun.

What to Do When Lucky Bamboo Gets Too Tall?

When your lucky bamboo gets too tall, you can prune it back or cut the stalks by about half. This will help you control the plant’s growth while keeping it within the confines of its pot.

Pruning will allow you to reduce the plant’s overall size while promoting new growth. This will encourage branching and lead to fuller and more robust plant growth. It can also help remove weak branches and dead leaves that may attract pests and cause infections.

On the other hand, if you cut the stalks of your lucky bamboo, it will no longer grow taller. In this case, new growth will take place only on the side of the stalks. This solution can benefit people who grow this plant in offices and small apartments. 

To cut back the stalks of your lucky bamboo, you should determine the suitable height you want your plant to remain. Then cut the stalks just above the nods using a sharp gardening scissor. 

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How Do You Prune a Lucky Bamboo?

To prune your lucky bamboo, you will need to get a sharp gardening scissor and follow the subsequent steps:

1. Disinfect Your Scissor: You should use disinfectant for your scissors and any gardening tools before pruning your plants. This helps to prevent the spread of disease by eliminating pathogens and bacteria. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the blades and then run them through warm soapy water to clean them.

2. Cut the Unhealthy Shoots: Make sure that you only cut off the bottom parts of the side shoots and don’t cut any of the main stalks. Otherwise, you will destroy the plant. Also, make sure that you cut just above a node.

The best time to prune lucky bamboo plants is in early spring when they are just beginning to grow. Pruning the plant at this time of the year will help to encourage healthy growth during the growing season.

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How Can I Use My Lucky Bamboo Cuttings?

The best way to use the cuttings of your lucky bamboo is to propagate them. This will give you a new plant to add to your collection or offer as a gift to your friends and family.

How Can I Use My Lucky Bamboo Cuttings

To propagate your lucky bamboo cuttings, you should prepare some materials and follow the steps below.

Material needed for propagating lucky bamboo:

  • Rooting Hormone.
  •  Glass Jar.
  •  Distilled Water.

Steps to follow to propagate a lucky bamboo cutting:

Step One: make sure the cuttings are long enough for propagation. An 8-inch cutting is ideal. Also, ensure your lucky bamboo cutting is healthy and free of insects, diseases, and pests. This is important because your cutting won’t be successful if it is unhealthy.

Step Two: Take the end of the stem and dip it in the rooting hormone. Hold it there for a few seconds to release the hormones and to ensure that it will adhere to the stem. 

Step Three: Take the cuttings from the rooting hormone and add them to your glass. Then, fill the jar with distilled or filtered water. Make sure the cutting is wholly immersed in the water. Finally, leave it alone for about a week to allow the rooting hormones to work.

Step Four: Place your jar in a sunny location and wait for the roots to emerge. Generally, lucky bamboo roots will show up within two to three weeks.

Step Five: Once the roots are fully developed, take the cutting out of the jar and place it on the soil.

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Can I Cut the Top of My Lucky Bamboo?

Yes, you can cut the top of your lucky bamboo. The only problem is that once bamboo stalks are cut, they will no longer grow taller. The new growth will only be on the side of the stalks.

So, if you want to cut the top of your mucky bamboo, ensure you are happy with the length you will get.

Where Do You Cut Lucky Bamboo?

Luck bamboo should be cut back about one inch from the base of the stem. Ensure you don’t damage the plant by cutting it too close to the ground. Also, usually use sharp tools when cutting back any plant. 

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