The Dolphin Nautilus CC Review: Hassle-Free Pool Cleaning at Your Fingertips

If you own a large inground pool or a smaller above ground model, you’re well aware of the time and effort required to keep it clean. While manual pool vacuums and skimmers can only do so much, there’s a game-changing solution for pool owners: robotic pool cleaners like the Dolphin Nautilus CC. In this comprehensive review, we’ll thoroughly examine the performance, functions, and suitability of the Dolphin Nautilus CC for pools of various sizes and shapes.

As an enthusiastic pool owner and proud user of the Dolphin Nautilus CC for over two years, I possess firsthand knowledge of its advantages and limitations. This review will provide an in-depth analysis of the Dolphin Nautilus CC, covering its key features, cleaning cycles, maintenance requirements, and overall value as a pool cleaning system. By objectively comparing it to other popular robotic pool cleaners, we’ll assess its strengths and weaknesses to help readers determine if the Dolphin Nautilus CC is the ideal automatic pool vacuum for their specific needs.

Let’s begin by delving into the Dolphin Nautilus CC’s exceptional cleaning performance, made possible by its patented CleverClean Technology and dual scrubbing brushes. Following that, we’ll explore its design, durability, and user-friendly features.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner
  • Wall Climbing Capability: The Dolphin Nautilus CC features powerful wall climbing capabilities, allowing it to scrub the floor and walls of your pool. It can effectively clean pools of any shape or surface type, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive cleaning experience.
  • Powerful Active Scrubbing Brush: With the Dolphin’s active scrubbing brush design, your pool surface gets incredibly clean. This feature ensures that even stubborn dirt and debris are effectively removed, leaving your pool sparkling and inviting.
  • Easy Access and Crystal-Clear Water: The Dolphin Nautilus CC comes with an easy-access, top load fine filter basket. This feature allows for convenient removal of debris, ensuring crystal-clear water. The powerful filtration system keeps your pool clean all year round, providing you with a hassle-free maintenance solution.


Using Dolphin Nautilus CC In the pool

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Dolphin Nautilus CC Features

When it comes to exceptional cleaning performance, the Dolphin Nautilus CC truly stands out. Its cutting-edge CleverClean Technology combines a range of features that work in perfect harmony to ensure your pool is spotless. With dual scrubbing brushes, a pressurized filter system, and intelligent navigation, this advanced robotic cleaning system tackles debris on every surface and in every corner of your pool.

The dual scrubbing brushes are designed to reach even the most challenging areas, effortlessly dislodging debris from vertical surfaces and hard-to-reach crevices. These wide cylindrical brushes rotate at high speed, effortlessly combating dirt and algae.

The top-load cartridge filters play a vital role in collecting and trapping the vacuumed debris. With their extra-fine filtration mesh, even the tiniest particles are captured, resulting in optimal cleaning outcomes. Make sure to change or rinse the filters after each cleaning cycle to maintain their peak efficiency.

Unmatched Cleaning Performance

As a seasoned pool owner, I can personally vouch for the unparalleled cleaning performance of the Dolphin Nautilus CC, all thanks to its CleverClean Technology. In the promised 2-hour cycle, this unit flawlessly covers my entire pool, leaving no trace of dirt on the floors, walls, or waterline.

I initially had doubts about the ability of the Nautilus CC’s compact size to reach every nook and cranny. However, after my first use, I was astounded by the thorough job performed by the dual rotating brushes. They efficiently dislodge trapped debris, moisturizing it, and seamlessly vacuuming it into the filtration system.

Maintenance Made Easy

The top-loading filters have made maintenance a breeze. After each cleaning cycle, I simply empty the debris baskets into the trash, give them a quick rinse with a garden hose, and reinsert them. The high-performance filtration system ensures that no dirt slips through, keeping my pool water crystal clear for extended periods.

Superb Design & Durability

Thanks to its lightweight and compact design, the Dolphin Nautilus CC effortlessly maneuvers around pools of any shape. Weighing just 19 pounds, I can easily lift the unit out of the water for routine brush replacement or filter cleaning.

The polypropylene body feels impressively durable, showing no signs of wear even after more than two years of regular cleaning cycles. The brushes still rotate smoothly, maintaining their exceptional performance.

The LED control panel and user-friendly touch buttons add to the overall appeal. Configuring basic functions such as power, schedule, brush speed, and filtration levels is as simple as a quick tap. Adjusting settings takes just seconds, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your pool.

In conclusion, the Dolphin Nautilus CC’s robotic pool cleaning system lives up to its promises, offering agile movement, advanced scrubbing technology, and high-performance filtration. Its durable yet space-efficient design perfectly complements the cleaning cycles, effortlessly leaving my pool spotless with minimal effort on my part.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Pros and Cons

Having used the Dolphin Nautilus CC robotic pool cleaner for over two years, I have gained firsthand experience of its advantages and limitations. Let’s take a closer look at the most notable pros and cons of this automatic pool vacuum:


Energy Efficient: The Dolphin Nautilus CC operates on low power consumption, making it an eco-friendly choice for pool cleaning. With only 300 watts of power usage, it helps reduce utility costs compared to manual vacuuming.

Easy-to-Use: With its intuitive control panel, simple settings, and plug-and-play functionality, the Nautilus CC pool robotic cleaner can be set up and running within minutes of unboxing. Even first-time users will have no trouble adjusting schedules, cleaning modes, and filtration levels.

Time and Money Savings: By automating the pool cleaning process, the Dolphin Nautilus CC saves me a significant amount of time. I no longer need to spend at least 3 hours each week manually vacuuming and scrubbing. Over time, this robotic pool cleaner eliminates the need for expensive biweekly service calls, eventually paying for itself within a couple of years.


Limited Climbing Ability: My freeform pool, with its angled walls and sharp corners, presents a challenge for the Dolphin Nautilus CC, especially when the water level is low. While it performs well on vertical surfaces, certain areas require additional manual scrubbing.

No Remote Control: One drawback is the absence of a remote control, which means I always have to walk over to the unit’s control panel to make adjustments. The inclusion of a wireless remote would have provided added convenience, particularly for scheduling cleaning cycles in advance.

Expensive Initial Cost: Retailing at approximately $1,400, the Dolphin Nautilus CC represents a significant upfront investment, especially for those who use their pool only occasionally. However, considering its durability, low maintenance requirements, and ability to effectively clean the pool over time, the price proves worthwhile in the long run.

In summary, the Dolphin Nautilus CC delivers on its promises of simplicity, convenience, and energy efficiency, making it an effective pool cleaning system. Despite some minor drawbacks, such as limited climbing ability for irregular pool shapes and the initial cost, the benefits outweigh the limitations. With years of hands-free maintenance and crystal-clear water, the Nautilus CC robotic pool cleaner proves to be a valuable investment. If your budget allows, I highly recommend it for effortless pool cleaning that can be tailored to your specific scheduling needs. However, potential buyers should consider the unit’s limitations when dealing with pools that have more challenging geometries, requiring additional wall and corner scrubbing.

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Dolphin Nautilus CC Performance and User Experience

Now that we’ve delved into the design and cleaning features of the Dolphin Nautilus CC, it’s time to explore its real-world performance and my personal experience using this remarkable robotic pool cleaner.

Cleaning Abilities

Pool Shape and Size – The Nautilus CC effortlessly handles most standard pool shapes, from freeform gunite designs to straightforward rectangular vinyl liner setups. However, I must note that my pool’s deep-angled walls posed a challenge for this unit due to its limited wall climbing ability. Nonetheless, for pools under 30 feet, the Nautilus CC consistently delivers satisfactory results.

Cleaning Cycle Length – Just as advertised, the Dolphin Nautilus CC completes a full cleaning cycle within approximately 2 hours. Throughout this time, its dual scrubbing brushes work tirelessly to ensure thorough removal of dirt and debris. I simply start the unit before leaving home and return to a sparkling clean pool.

Cleaning Pattern – The Nautilus CC’s random cleaning pattern efficiently covers the entire pool floor and lower sidewalls, leaving no corner untouched. However, I do find it necessary to supplement manual scrubbing for higher sections of my walls, particularly in hard-to-reach corners.

User Experience

Setup and Installation – Getting the Dolphin Nautilus CC up and running was a breeze, thanks to its plug-and-play design. I effortlessly connected the power cord to an outdoor outlet and programmed basic filter and schedule settings using the user-friendly control panel. The entire setup process took me under 10 minutes.

Maintenance and Cleaning – Regular maintenance of the Nautilus CC mainly involves periodic rinsing or replacement of the filters and checking the dual brushes for any signs of wear and tear. After each cleaning cycle, I simply empty the filter baskets, give them a quick spray down, and let them air dry – a task that takes roughly 5 minutes. Overall, the Nautilus CC requires very minimal maintenance.

Customer Support and Warranty – While I never had to reach out to Dolphin’s support team during my purchase and use of the Nautilus CC, the 5-year warranty on the electro-mechanical components and 2-year guarantee on the entire unit provide a sense of reassurance. Moreover, Dolphin’s extensive expertise in pool cleaning, accumulated over decades, instills confidence in their product’s longevity and reliability.

In summary, the Dolphin Nautilus CC lives up to its promises of hassle-free pool cleaning for most standard in-ground and above-ground pools. The unit’s performance consistently meets or exceeds expectations in terms of cleaning times, filter efficiency, and overall user experience. It may fall short for pools with unconventional shapes, multiple angled walls, and shallow corners, but for those with simpler pool geometries, this robotic pool cleaner exemplifies Dolphin’s commitment to providing homeowners with convenient and effortless pool maintenance solutions. Overall, for standard-sized and shaped pools, the Nautilus CC performs as advertised – effectively, efficiently, and reliably.

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Comparison with Other Robotic Pool Cleaners

To assist potential buyers in making an informed decision about the Dolphin Nautilus CC, let’s compare it with some popular alternatives available in the market today.

Dolphin Nautilus CC vs Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

While the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus comes at a slightly higher price point of around $200 more than the standard Nautilus CC, it does offer notable upgrades. These include a convenient remote control for scheduling and operation, a wider cleaning path of 36 inches, and extra-large filter bags to accommodate larger debris.

Overall, the Nautilus CC Plus provides slightly enhanced cleaning performance, particularly for larger pools, thanks to its wider cleaning swath and increased filter capacity. However, for most mid-sized to large pools, the standard Nautilus CC proves to be more than capable. Potential buyers should consider their specific pool needs and weigh the added cost of the CC Plus to determine if the upgrades justify the investment.

Dolphin Nautilus CC vs Polaris F9550 Sport

Priced similarly to the Nautilus CC, the Polaris F9550 Sport offers superior climbing power for pools with irregular shapes, capable of climbing walls up to 39 inches high. It also features two turbo brushes for more thorough scrubbing and a convenient remote control for easy scheduling.

While the Polaris F9550 Sport has an advantage in terms of climbing and scrubbing abilities, the Nautilus CC delivers comparable cleaning performance for standard pools. With its plug-and-play design and user-friendly top-loading filter baskets, the Nautilus CC is a great choice for first-time robotic pool cleaner users. Ultimately, both models offer similar value for the money in terms of performance.

Dolphin Nautilus CC vs Aquabot Elite

The Aquabot Elite comes at a significantly higher price point compared to the Nautilus CC but boasts a range of advanced technologies. These include LiDAR navigation, obstacle sensors, an electronic brush-changing system, and WiFi connectivity for remote control via a smartphone app.

In terms of high-tech features, the Aquabot Elite surpasses the Nautilus CC. However, for most homeowners seeking an affordable yet effective robotic pool cleaning system, the Dolphin Nautilus CC provides excellent value. While more advanced features in premium models increase the cost, they may not necessarily offer a proportional increase in actual cleaning performance.

In summary, the Dolphin Nautilus CC compares favorably to similarly priced robotic pool cleaners in terms of value, ease of use, and overall cleaning capabilities. For standard-shaped medium to large pools without extreme irregularities, the Nautilus CC fulfills its promise of hands-free and hassle-free maintenance. However, for extra-large pools or those with very high walls and unusual geometries, more expensive options with advanced climbing and navigation technologies may be more suitable. Prospective buyers should carefully evaluate their specific needs and consider whether the added benefits of premium robotic pool cleaners justify the significantly higher price tags.

Personal Experience and Verdict

Having used the Dolphin Nautilus CC robotic pool cleaner for over two years, I can confidently say that it has revolutionized the maintenance of my in-ground pool. Here are the key aspects of my personal experience with this exceptional product:

Ease of Use

Right from the start, the Dolphin Nautilus CC proved to be incredibly easy to set up and use. Within 10 minutes of unboxing, I had it plugged in, programmed basic settings such as schedule and filtration level, and dropped it into my pool. Controlling basic functions like power on/off and starting or pausing a cleaning cycle is a breeze through the intuitive LED panel.

Maintenance is a breeze as well, with the simple task of emptying and rinsing the filter baskets after each cleaning run. Overall, the Nautilus CC provides pool owners with an effortless cleaning solution that is both user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Performance in Action

Despite the irregular shape of my pool, the Nautilus CC has excelled in vacuuming up dirt, leaves, and debris from both the pool floor and lower walls. The active dual brushes exhibit impressive power, effectively dislodging contaminants from crevices and corners.

With its programmed 2-hour cleaning cycle, the Nautilus CC covers my entire pool, including those hard-to-reach spots along the edges. While occasional manual wiping is still required for the upper wall sections, the unit has reduced my manual effort by approximately 80-90%. Furthermore, the high-performance filtration system ensures crystal-clear water, adding to my satisfaction with the Nautilus CC’s performance.

Cost Savings and Benefits

By automating the pool cleaning and maintenance process, the Dolphin Nautilus CC has saved me countless hours of manual labor every week. Additionally, the cost savings from reduced energy and chemical usage, thanks to cleaner water, have accumulated significantly over time.

Moreover, the intangible benefits of stress-free pool care have allowed me to truly relax and enjoy my pool. The Nautilus CC has undoubtedly paid for itself many times over, providing tangible and intangible returns.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend the Dolphin Nautilus CC robotic pool cleaner to anyone in search of an affordable yet effective solution for automated pool cleaning. While it may have a few minor limitations for odd-shaped pools, the Nautilus CC unquestionably delivers on its promises of ease of use, high performance, and truly hands-free pool maintenance. With this remarkable device, pool owners can spend more quality time with their loved ones and less time vacuuming and scrubbing.

For those willing to invest in a premium option, higher-end models with advanced wall climbing and navigation technology may deliver superior results for non-standard pools. However, for the majority of residential pools with average shapes and sizes up to 30 feet, the Dolphin Nautilus CC represents an unbeatable value proposition, offering ample features to meet your needs while remaining reasonably priced.

Based on my firsthand experience of the convenience, cost savings, and overall satisfaction the Dolphin Nautilus CC brings, I wholeheartedly recommend this robotic pool cleaner to anyone looking to streamline their pool care routine.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

After two years of using the Dolphin Nautilus CC robotic pool cleaner, I’ve compiled the most important factors to consider when evaluating this product:

Ease of Use: With its plug-and-play design and user-friendly controls, the Nautilus CC is incredibly easy to set up, operate, and maintain. You don’t need technical expertise to enjoy the benefits of automated pool cleaning.

Performance: The Nautilus CC excels in vacuuming, scrubbing, and filtration, ensuring a sparkling clean pool within a 2-hour cycle. It is particularly effective for standard in-ground and above-ground pools up to 30 feet in size.

Value: The Nautilus CC provides exceptional value for its price. It delivers outstanding performance while saving you manual labor, reducing chemical usage, and minimizing energy consumption.

Limitations: The Nautilus CC may face challenges with irregular pool geometries that have highly angled walls and shallow recesses. In such cases, premium robotic cleaners with advanced navigation and climbing capabilities may be more suitable.

Overall, if you own a typical-sized residential pool and seek an affordable and effective solution for automated cleaning, the Dolphin Nautilus CC offers the perfect combination of performance, ease of use, and value. While higher-end options exist, they may provide diminishing returns for standard configurations, making the Nautilus CC the ideal choice for most homeowners looking for hassle-free pool maintenance at a reasonable price.

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