The Ultimate Neon Pothos Care Guide

Neon pothos is a beautiful tropical plant that can be grown indoors or in a garden. Beginner gardeners usually choose this plant because it’s easy to grow without much care. However, growing the Neon pothos variety might be more complex than developing a plant. In this article, we will go through the most common questions you may have about this plant, and we will try to answer each one in detail.

Neon Pothos Plant

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Is Neon Pothos Slow-Growing?

Neon pothos is a slow-growing plant that can grow about 12 inches per month. Generally, this plant grows slowly because it’s challenging to provide it with tropical conditions, mainly when grown indoors as a houseplant. However, neon pothos can grow quickly if you try to mimic the low conditions using natural or artificial solutions.

One of the main reasons that may make neon pothos grow slowly is overwatering and overfertilizing. In fact, this plant needs to be watered only when the soil is dry. Also, overfertilizing or feeding during dormancy will slow down the growth of this plant.

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Full Neon pothos care guide

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How Fast Does Neon Pothos Grow?

The faster growth rate you can get with neon pothos is one foot in a month. These numbers can be achieved only during the period of December to May. Also, bright, indirect light and high humidity are necessary if you want this plant to grow fats.

Another factor that will help Neon Pothos grow faster is using soil that meets the requirements of this plant. In fact, all pothos plant varieties need well-draining soil with a ph level of around 6.5.

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Why Is My Neon Pothos Growing so Slow?

One potential reason for a slow-growing neon pothos is a lack of light. Neon pothos plants need bright, indirect light to grow well. If your plant is not getting enough light, it may not grow as quickly as it could.

Another reason for a slow-growing neon pothos could be a low humidity level. Neon pothos plants prefer high humidity levels, so if the air in your home is dry, your plant may not grow as fast as you want. A quick and easy way to increase the humidity level in your home is to open a window or add a water fountain.

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How Do You Make Neon Pothos Grow Faster?

To make Neon pothos grow faster, you should keep them in a bright, sunny spot, water them regularly and fertilize them every few weeks. Additionally, periodically trimming the plant can help it grow bushier and fuller.

If you can’t provide enough sunlight, don’t hesitate to use grow light to help your plant grow faster. Also, if the humidity level in your house or garden is low, then a humidifier must be used.

In general, the more you mimic the tropical conditions in terms of temperature, humidity, and lighting, the more you will succeed with growing Neon pothos.

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How Do You Make Neon Pothos Brighter?

Neon Pothos plants will often lose their bright color over time. This can be due to a lack of light and other factors. If you would like to make your Neon Pothos brighter, you can try the following tips:

  • Fertilize Your Neon Pothos During the Growing Season: If you are still growing indoors, the best time to fertilize is in the spring. Dig a 5-6″ (13-15 cm) hole with a square shovel, add fertilizer, and mix it well. You can also make a liquid fertilizer by mixing equal parts of a balanced fertilizer (e.g., plant food) and water.
  •  Give the Plant More Space to Grow: If a plant is already growing into a light fixture, it may struggle to support its weight. If this is the case, remove one or more lights to give the plant more space to grow.
  •  Pruning: remove dead or dying foliage from your neon pothos. To remove plant debris, you can use pruning shears or scissors. Then, cut away any dead leaves, twigs, or branches to improve the appearance of your plant and to make it more able to withstand competition from other plants.
  •  Water Your Neon Pothos only When It Needs: Most plants like excellent, wet soil, but the pothos family is a little bit unique when it comes to this point. In fact, Neon Pothos like to be watered only if it feels dry. As a result, you should regularly test the soil of your neon pothos and check if it’s dry or wet. If the soil is moist, then you should never water the plant.
  •  Keep Your Room Well-Humidified: Neon pothos plants like humidity levels around 70%-75%, and the best way to achieve this is with air or water-filled humidifiers.
  •  Provide Enough Light: natural light is necessary but not always sufficient. Plants require sunlight to make food, but if the plant cannot reach a window, it may not get enough light. Therefore, it is essential to also provide artificial light. A simple solution is to use grow lights.

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How Often Should You Water Neon Pothos?

For optimum growth, water your neon pothos once a week. But if you want to ensure that you water this plant at the right time, you will need to wait until the soil feels dry. Also, water your neon pothos thoroughly and keep the soil well-watered but not soggy.

Adding water to a neon pothos

To know if the soil is wet before watering a plant, you can use your finger to test the soil. If the soil’s top layer is dry, the plant needs water. If the top layer of soil is wet, then the plant does not need water yet.

On average, Neon Pothos only needs 0.25 inches (0.6 cm) of water per week. If you provide your plant with the correct water required, you will avoid overwatering, which is the primary enemy of neon pothos.

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Why Do My Neon Pothos Have Brown Tips?

Neon Pothos often has brown tips on its leaves for a few reasons. One reason is that the plant is getting too much or too little light. If the plant is not getting enough light, the tips will turn brown as the plant tries to conserve energy. On the other hand, if the plant receives too much light, the tips will also turn brown as it tries to protect itself from the intense sunlight.

Neon Pothos can also get brown tips if it lacks water. In fact, when the soil is not wet enough, the plant will not be able to get the water it needs and will turn to the leaves for storage.

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How Do I Get Rid of Brown Tips on My Neon Pothos?

The best way to get rid of brown tips on neon pothos is to ensure the plant gets enough light and water. You can increase the amount of light your plant gets by putting it near a window or using grow light.

When it comes to watering, you should check the soil regularly and water your plant whenever it feels dry.

If you give your plant the right amount of water and light it needs and you steel see brown tips then you can try to fertilize it and see the results. You can use a water fertilizer or organic plant food in this case. Once the plant starts growing again, it will naturally shed the brown tips.

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How Much Sun Does Neon Pothos Need?

Neon pothos plants need at least 6 hours of indirect sunlight to grow and thrive. You will need to place this plant near a south-facing window to achieve this. If you live where it’s hard to secure 6 hours of sunlight daily, you can use grow light.

Extensive sun directed toward neon pothos

The Pothos family, especially the neon pothos variety, needs a lot of sunlight for healthy growth. When the light is not enough, this plant will stretch out and grow taller to reach the sun.

When you use grow light, you should consider that this kind of light may heat up and burn your plant. As a result, you will need to place the artificial light source at least 10 inches away from your plant.

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How Do You Make Neon Pothos Darker?

To make your Neon Pothos darker, move it to a darker location in your home. You can also try changing the amount of light it receives each day. Generally, when this plant gets less light, it will turn darker.

You can also try adding dark soil to the pot. This will help cut down on the amount of light the plant receives. Another way to make neon pothos darker is by moving the plant to a small, less light-filled room in your home.

How Long Does Neon Pothos Take to Root?

Neon pothos can take one to three months to root in the soil and one to two weeks in water. That’s why most gardeners root this plant in water before transferring it to the soil.

If you want to root neon pothos in the soil directly, you can start by planting a healthy cutting in a pot with well-draining soil. Make sure the pot has a drainage hole in the bottom, and then fill the pot with a well-draining potting mix.

Once the potting mix is in place, place the neon pothos in the pot and cover the roots with soil. Gently tamp the soil down so that the plant is completely covered.

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What Kind of Soil Do Neon Pothos Like?

Neon pothos is a popular houseplant that grows well in various soils. However, the best soil for neon pothos is a moist, well-drained potting mix.

Preparing Soil for Neon Pothos

Neon pothos grows best in a moist, well-drained potting mix because it needs plenty of water to keep its leaves looking bright and healthy. If the soil is too dry, the leaves will start to turn yellow and brown.

Where Do You Hang Neon Pothos?

Neon pothos is an excellent plant for adding color and life to any room. It can be hung in a bright spot or near a window to get the most light. Make sure to water it regularly and give it a dose of fertilizer every few months to keep it looking its best.

People choose to hang Neon Pothos because this plant gives a stunning look to rooms and windows when grown that way. Also, developing a hanging houseplant adds life to any room and breaks the monotone of growing houseplants the traditional way.

Hanging Neon Pothos can also help save a lot of space for people living in tiny houses.

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