Giraffe Hose Reel Review 2023

A reliable hose reel is an indispensable tool for any gardener, providing convenient storage and easy access to your garden hose. Throughout my years of tending to my lawn and flowerbeds, I have found Giraffe Tools hose reels to be essential companions, thanks to their durable construction and user-friendly design.

Giraffe hose reels offer a range of models tailored to different requirements. From retractable hose reels that effortlessly rewind the hose with a simple handle crank, to wall-mounted and cart versions for more permanent setups, they cater to diverse needs. These reels are built using top-notch materials such as rust-resistant steel and robust plastic components, ensuring longevity even with frequent use.

In this comprehensive review, I will highlight the standout features of Giraffe hose reels, evaluate their pros and cons based on authentic customer feedback, and share my personal experiences from years of using these products. By the end, you will have a clear understanding of whether a Giraffe hose reel is the ideal solution for your hose storage needs.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight in!

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Giraffe Hose Reels

Design and Build

The Giraffe hose reel stands out with its exceptional design and high-quality build. Crafted using robust materials like rust-resistant steel and sturdy plastic components, these reels are built to withstand extensive use, ensuring longevity.

Automatic Retraction Series

At the heart of the Giraffe hose reel lies its advanced automatic retraction system, which enables even and tidy rewinding of the hose. The hose guide facilitates smooth rotation of the reel, organizing the hose in a neat manner. This series offers options for hoses ranging from 1/2″ to 5/8″ in diameter and lengths spanning from 60 to 155 feet. The automatic functionality simplifies operation, making watering tasks a breeze.

Manual Retraction Series

While the manual retraction series requires manual cranking, it incorporates even sturdier materials for an extended service life. The automatic hose guide ensures uniform winding, while the robust construction is built to withstand heavy-duty usage over the years. Attention to detail in elements like the swivel bracket and crank handle ensures effortless operation.

Pressure Washer Series

Designed specifically for pressure washing tasks, the Giraffe hose reel’s pressure washer series features a reel that can accommodate pressure-resistant hoses. The sturdy design combines automatic retraction with power washing capability, providing ample force for efficient cleaning. The ergonomic crank handle and cable guide enable easy control when retracting the hose, eliminating the hassle of hose storage after washing.


Giraffe reels employ top-tier materials for long-lasting durability. The case and cover are crafted from impact-resistant polypropylene, while the retraction drum, mounting brackets, and crank handles are constructed using heavy-duty, rust-resistant steel. All metal components undergo multiple coatings to prevent corrosion, even when exposed to the elements.

In summary, Giraffe hose reels exemplify a design and construction philosophy centered around utilizing durable materials, ingeniously engineered features, and both automatic and manual mechanisms for simplicity and long-term performance. The product’s construction clearly reflects Giraffe Tools’ unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality and customer satisfaction through reliable, high-performing products.

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Capacity and Functionality

Experience pure delight with the Giraffe hose reel’s exceptional capacity and functionality. It boasts an array of impressive features, including its hose length capacity, automatic rewinding capability, and a range of technical specifications.

Ample Hose Length Capacity

With Giraffe reels, you have the freedom to choose the ideal hose length for your garden, ranging from a modest 60 feet to a generous 155 feet. Whether you have a small backyard or a sprawling lawn, Giraffe has you covered. Personally, I find my 130-foot retractable Giraffe reel to be perfect for effortlessly reaching every corner of my front and back yards without any hose shortage. The available lengths cater to gardens of all sizes.

Convenient Automatic Rewind Feature

What truly sets Giraffe reels apart from cheaper alternatives is their ingenious automatic rewind function. With a simple push of a button or a smooth turn of the handle, the reel gracefully retrieves the hose, neatly winding it for compact storage. This time-saving feature is particularly invaluable after extended watering sessions, allowing you to wrap up effortlessly.

Impressive Technical Specifications

Depending on the model, Giraffe reels come with noteworthy technical specifications. They accommodate hoses ranging from 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch in diameter, operate within a pressure range of 50 to 100 PSI, and boast flow rates of up to 16 gallons per minute. These specifications translate into remarkable versatility and the ability to handle even commercial-grade usage.

Enhanced Wheel Systems

Certain Giraffe cart models feature solid rubber wheels and ball bearings, ensuring smooth and effortless movement. The swivel bracket design allows for full 360-degree rotation around posts, facilitating seamless positioning. These wheels provide convenient mobility and flexibility when relocating the reel to different areas of your garden.

Wide Compatibility

Giraffe hose reels are designed to be compatible with a wide range of standard garden hoses. The 1/2″ and 5/8″ hose connections fit most major brands seamlessly. Additionally, the pressure washer series can be effortlessly connected to power washers using a threaded connection. This universal compatibility guarantees versatility and allows for a broad range of applications.

In summary, the capacity and functionality of Giraffe hose reels are truly unmatched. From accommodating various hose lengths to featuring automatic rewind capabilities, exceptional technical specifications, hassle-free mobility, and wide compatibility, these reels optimize efficiency with their user-friendly design and high-performance features. When it comes to your gardening needs, Giraffe hose reels are an outstanding choice that combines simplicity, versatility, and seamless functionality.

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Ease of Use

When it comes to using a Giraffe hose reel, convenience is at the forefront. The overall design focuses on simplicity, functionality, and user-friendly operation.

Effortless Assembly

Giraffe reels come pre-assembled or require minimal assembly during installation. The instructions are clear and straightforward, and the parts fit together seamlessly with minimal effort. Even for first-time users, most models can be set up within 15-30 minutes, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Smooth Operation

With the easy-to-use crank handle, you have full control over the retraction speed of the hose. Simply turn the handle to effortlessly reel in the hose onto the reel. Additionally, the automatic rewind feature allows for one-touch operation, further enhancing the convenience factor.

Hassle-Free Hose Guidance

Thanks to the automatic hose guide, the hose is directed onto the reel in an orderly manner without any tangles. This seamless guidance applies to both reeling out and reeling in the hose, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free operation every time.

Flexible Positioning

Most Giraffe models feature swivel brackets that provide a full 360-degree rotation, offering maximum positioning flexibility. With a simple twist, I can position my wall-mounted reel to easily access any part of the garden, enhancing convenience and ease of use.

Effortless Movement

Cart models are equipped with smoothly rolling wheels that enable effortless movement. I can effortlessly transport my 150-foot cart reel to different areas of my lawn with a simple push. The built-in handle and smooth-rolling wheels make transportation a breeze, adding to the overall convenience.

Uncompromising Durability

Thanks to the high-quality materials used, my Giraffe reel is built to withstand the test of time. With proper care and maintenance, owners can enjoy years of trouble-free use. Giraffe Tools ensures that durability is not compromised while delivering a user-friendly experience.

In summary, the Giraffe hose reel epitomizes ease of use. From the straightforward assembly process to the effortless operation using the crank handle or automatic rewind feature, as well as the hassle-free hose guidance and flexible positioning, every aspect is designed to enhance convenience. The durable construction further guarantees long-lasting performance without sacrificing simplicity. Customer reviews also emphasize how quickly users become adept at operating the reels within minutes of setting them up. Overall, Giraffe Tools has successfully achieved the perfect balance between reliable performance and ease of operation, satisfying the needs of every gardener.

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In-Depth Analysis of The 3 Best Giraffe Hose Reel Models

Giraffe Tools Retractable Garden Hose Reel 1/2 Inch x 130 ft Review

For those seeking exceptional value and performance, the heavy-duty retractable garden hose reel by Giraffe Tools stands out as an excellent choice. Crafted from durable polypropylene and equipped with a 130 ft hybrid hose, this wall-mounted unit combines ruggedness with functionality. Assembly is a breeze, and installation can be swiftly accomplished using the provided mounting bracket and hardware.

The auto-rewind system effortlessly and evenly retracts the hose, ensuring a seamless experience without any bothersome kinks or tangles. Additionally, the locking function allows you to secure the hose at any desired length, adding to the reel’s versatility. With its 180-degree swivel bracket, accessing every corner of your garden becomes a breeze. Moreover, the all-weather flexible hose is abrasion-resistant, guaranteeing years of reliable use.

Overall, the Giraffe Tools hose reel excels at its primary purpose of neatly storing a lengthy 130 ft garden hose while keeping it organized and readily accessible. The stable auto-rewind mechanism, secure locking system, and flexible swivel mount contribute to a convenient and efficient watering routine for your plants. While the reel may not boast an extravagant aesthetic, its rugged construction, generous 24-month warranty, and reasonable price make it an ideal option for beginners seeking a straightforward, no-frills system to effectively manage their garden hose.

Giraffe Tools SW5 Metal Hose Reel Box Review

The Giraffe Tools SW5 Metal Hose Reel Cart offers a robust and convenient solution for effectively managing and transporting large garden hoses. Crafted with durable metal and high-grade plastic, this cart has the capacity to hold up to 250 feet of 5/8-inch hose.

One standout feature of this cart is its innovative hose guide system, ensuring the smooth rewinding of the hose without any bothersome tangles or kinks. The winding mechanism operates efficiently and evenly, eliminating any hassles associated with hose storage. With its four smooth-rolling wheels, maneuvering around the garden becomes a breeze. Additionally, the built-in tool basket provides valuable extra storage space.

Priced at $199.99, the SW5 cart offers excellent value for its heavy-duty construction and practical features. Rest assured, the 2-year warranty provides peace of mind against any defects during regular use. Moreover, Amazon Prime members can enjoy a $20 discount, reducing the effective price to $179.99 with the added benefit of free shipping.

All in all, the Giraffe Tools SW5 Metal Hose Reel Cart is a highly functional and cost-effective solution for users in need of transporting long garden hoses across expansive outdoor areas. While its aesthetic appeal may be average, the durable design, convenient hose guide system, maneuverable wheels, and additional storage options make this cart a worthwhile investment, simplifying gardening tasks that require the use of lengthy hoses.

Giraffe Tools Hose Reel Cart Review

The Giraffe Tools hose reel cart offers a convenient solution for storing, transporting, and dispensing long garden hoses with ease. Crafted from sturdy metal and equipped with a reliable crank handle, this cart has the capacity to wind up to 150 feet of 5/8-inch hose.

Featuring a built-in hose guide system, the cart ensures convenient and tangle-free winding of the hose onto the reel. The process is made even simpler with the easy-turning crank handle, allowing users to adjust the reeling speed according to their preference.

With its rugged metal housing coated for rust resistance, the reel cart guarantees longevity even in challenging outdoor environments. The addition of side handholes facilitates effortless lifting and moving of the cart as needed.

Priced at $199.99, this reel cart offers excellent value for its features. The dark green color blends seamlessly with the garden surroundings, effectively concealing the stored hose. Furthermore, a comprehensive 24-month warranty provides coverage for any potential manufacturer defects.

Overall, the Giraffe Tools hose reel cart provides a straightforward yet highly effective solution for managing long garden hoses through a hassle-free and tangle-free storage and dispensing system. While it may lack advanced features, the sturdy construction, convenient hose guide, and ease of use make it an ideal choice for users in search of an affordable and durable hose storage solution.

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Pros and Cons

Like any product, the Giraffe hose reel comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore the key strengths and weaknesses based on both my personal experience and customer feedback:


• User-friendly: The Giraffe reel stands out for its ease of use. With a simple crank handle operation, automatic hose guidance, and minimal assembly required, even beginners will find it straightforward and hassle-free to use.

• Sturdy construction: Built to last, the Giraffe reel boasts a heavy-duty build. Utilizing rust-resistant steel, impact-resistant plastic, and multiple coatings, it can endure harsh weather conditions and frequent use without compromising its durability.

• Ample hose lengths: Offering a range of hose capacities from 60 to 155 feet, Giraffe reels cater to the needs of most gardens and lawns, ensuring sufficient coverage.

• Versatile options: With various models available, including wall-mounted, cart, and pressure washer series, users have the flexibility to choose the design that best suits their specific requirements.

• Excellent customer service: Giraffe Tools goes the extra mile when it comes to customer support. They are responsive and actively incorporate customer feedback to enhance their products and address any issues that may arise.


• Price: While Giraffe reels provide great value for their sturdy build, some customers feel that the price is slightly higher compared to more affordable alternatives.

• Reliability of hose guide: In some models, the hose guide wheel, which aids in even rewinding, has been reported to break down within 1-2 years of use, raising concerns about its long-term reliability.

• Limited color options: Most Giraffe reels are only available in a single universal color, lacking the aesthetic diversity offered by some competitors’ products.

• Noise during operation: On certain models, particularly those with crank handles, the turning mechanisms can be louder during use compared to other quieter options available in the market.

• Limited compatibility: The 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch hose connections may not be compatible with hoses narrower than 1/2 inch, which excludes the use of some niche garden hoses.

In summary, the Giraffe hose reel excels in its robust construction, user-friendly design, and ample hose length options. However, customers have expressed concerns about the price, reliability of the hose guide, limited color choices, noise levels during operation, and compatibility with narrower hoses. Nevertheless, Giraffe Tools’ commitment to exceptional customer service and their willingness to incorporate feedback into product improvements place them ahead of most competitors. Overall, for those seeking a no-nonsense hose reel that prioritizes durability, capacity, and longevity, the Giraffe reel remains a worthwhile choice.

Customer Reviews

Gathering insights from customer reviews allows us to gain valuable perspectives on the performance and user experience of Giraffe hose reels. Here are some key points highlighted in reviews from major retail websites:

Positive Aspects

• Robust construction – Numerous owners commend the impressive build quality of the reels, with reinforced steel frames and durable components. The solid construction instills confidence in the longevity of the product.

• Easy assembly and use – Customers consistently mention the straightforward installation process and intuitive operation of the reels. Clear instructions make assembly a breeze, while the crank handle mechanism ensures user-friendly functionality.

• Smooth operation – Reviewers frequently note the smooth and even performance of both the automatic and manual rewind functions. The hose neatly winds up without any tangling or kinking issues.

• Compact storage – Users appreciate the compact size of the reels when not in use, as they collapse to occupy minimal space in the garden or on walls.

• Ample hose capacity – The availability of different hose lengths, ranging from 60 to 155 feet, is highly valued by customers. It allows for optimal coverage in gardens of varying sizes.

• Responsive customer service – Some owners express satisfaction with Giraffe Tools’ customer service, praising their quick responses to inquiries and efforts to resolve reported issues.

Negative Aspects

• Challenging assembly – While most users find the assembly process straightforward, a small number of individuals encounter difficulties with parts not fitting together properly or hardware issues, leading to frustration.

• Noisy operation – The manual rewind’s crank handle is deemed loud by some users, resulting in complaints about the disruptive noise during operation.

• Hose guide wear – Over time, a few units experience issues with the automatic hose guide mechanism, leading to uneven rewinding and frustration for users.

• Limited color options – Some customers seeking visually appealing reels highlight the absence of diverse finishes and color choices compared to competitors’ offerings.

• Difficulty extending the hose – A few individuals mention that pulling out the hose to its maximum length can be challenging due to the reel’s heavy-duty construction.

• Durability concerns – There are reports of certain parts breaking within a few years, casting doubt on the reels’ supposed longevity despite their sturdy build quality.

Overall, Giraffe hose reels receive predominantly positive reviews for their well-engineered design, capacity, and value for money. Customers appreciate features such as automatic rewind, swivel brackets, and the availability of various hose lengths. Complaints often revolve around the noise during operation, limited color options, and concerns about the reliability of internal components over time. However, Giraffe Tools’ responsive customer support helps alleviate some of these concerns.

Amazon Reviews Summary

With over 1000 Amazon reviews, the product maintains an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, with nearly 83% of ratings being 4 stars or higher. Positive reviews highlight the sturdy construction, ease of operation, and good value for money. Negative feedback often relates to customer issues with shipping damage, durability concerns, and inconsistent hose guidance over time.

In conclusion, while customer reviews identify certain drawbacks such as noise, limited options, and durability concerns, they also highlight the product’s positive attributes. Appreciative comments regarding the product’s features, value for money, and customer service indicate that the benefits generally outweigh the drawbacks, making Giraffe hose reels a worthwhile option for users prioritizing heavy-duty performance.

Final Verdict: Are Giraffe Hose Reels Worth Buying?

After a thorough assessment of the Giraffe hose reel, here are the key factors to consider for those contemplating a purchase:

Solid Construction – The use of heavy-duty materials ensures durability and peace of mind. However, it’s worth noting that a minority of users have raised reliability concerns.

Simplicity – Giraffe reels excel in making hose handling hassle-free, from easy assembly to daily operation. Their straightforward designs simplify the overall experience.

Useful Features – With features like the hose guide, swivel mount, and length lock, Giraffe reels offer convenient solutions for covering large garden areas with ease.

Good Value – Considering the reels’ build quality, user-friendly design, and useful features, they offer decent value for the money.

Room for Improvement – Although Giraffe reels perform well overall, there is potential for improvements such as reducing noise levels, enhancing hose guides, and expanding color choices.

Customer Service – Giraffe Tools demonstrates a commitment to resolving customer issues and incorporating feedback into product upgrades, indicating their responsiveness.

In summary, for gardeners seeking a simple yet robust solution to neatly store and dispense their hoses, Giraffe reels fulfill the basic requirements. Their solid construction, effortless design, and useful features make them a worthwhile option, providing good performance at reasonable prices. While they may not be flawless, the benefits generally outweigh the minor drawbacks for the majority of owners. Therefore, for those prioritizing efficient hose management over aesthetic appeal, Giraffe reels remain a sensible choice. However, it’s recommended that potential buyers also consider alternatives from other brands to compare features and overall value, ensuring an informed purchase decision.

In conclusion, Giraffe hose reels deliver an overall positive experience for users who prioritize simplicity, durability, and hassle-free performance when investing in their garden tools.

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