Do Spider Plants Like Coffee Grounds

Do you want to know whether spider plants like coffee grounds? If so, then we can help you with our expertise in this topic. Just read this article fully and you will get answers to all your questions.

Spider plant likes coffee grounds because they are rich in nitrogen, potassium and many other micronutrients needed by this plant. Additionally, coffee grounds can also make the soil slightly acidic which is very beneficial for growing healthy spider plants.

In this article, we will give you all the benefits that coffee grounds may provide for your spider plant. Additionally, we will tell you exactly how to use these grounds in order to help your plant grow healthy.

Also, you will be provided with some alternatives that you can use in case you don’t want to utilize coffee grounds.

So, let’s get started!

Coffee Grounds bags ready to use for spider plant

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Are Coffee Grounds Good for Spider Plant?

Coffee grounds are extremely beneficial for spider plant. They are one of the most effective and inexpensive fertilizers that you can use for this plant. The high acidity content in the grounds helps achieve a pH level between 6.5 and 6 in the soil which is excellent for a spider plant.

Coffee grounds also contain many nutrients. They contain nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and trace elements. This mixture will benefit your spider plant’s growth and will help improve its overall appearance.

The minerals found in coffee help give your plant strong healthy roots, while the nitrogen in the grounds helps strengthen and repair the leaves.

Coffee grounds can also improve soil structure, which helps provide adequate water and air for your plant.

Using coffee grounds in the soil can improve the water-holding capacity of the soil. This is important because when plants do not receive enough water, they can experience a variety of problems, such as wilting and stunted growth.

Adding coffee grounds to the soil will also help to improve drainage and aeration for your spider plant. It can create holes that allow air to enter and help water to drain.

As a bonus, coffee grounds are also a natural insecticide and will prevent pests from taking hold of your plant. The grounds will smother any insect larvae that may have already taken root.

You can check how to use coffee grounds as a plant fertilizer in the following video

How to use coffee grounds as a fertilizer for spider plant

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How to Apply Coffee Grounds to Spider Plant?

To apply coffee grounds to your spider plant, you can use them as compost, mulch, or liquid fertilizer. All these three uses can give you great results if you use the right ratio of coffee grounds. Usually, opt for a coffee grounds ratio that does not exceed 30%.

A coffee grounds-based compost can be made by mixing coffee grounds with organic materials such as dead leaves, weeds, grass clippings, garden waste and kitchen waste. This kind of compost will help improve the acidity, structure and fertility of the soil which can make your spider plants grow vigorously.

To prepare a coffee ground based mulch, you can mix one part coffee grounds with three parts peat moss or one part straw and one part pine needles. This mulch will help to improve drainage and enhance the soil with extra nutrients that are beneficial for the growth of spider plants.

Finally, to make a liquid fertilizer for your spider plant using coffee grounds, mix one part of coffee grounds with three parts water. Let the mixture sit overnight then pour it on the soil around the plant.

Using coffee grounds as a liquid fertilizer is a convenient way to provide nutrients to your spider plant without having to dig holes in the ground. Additionally, if you are against the use of chemicals in gardening, then using coffee grounds as a fertilizer will be an effective way to keep your garden healthy and pesticide free.

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What Are the Drawbacks of Using Coffee Grounds for Spider Plant?

Two Spider Plants showing the negative effects of fertilizing this plant with coffee grouns

Using coffee grounds moderately will never harm your spider plant. However, excessive use of these grounds can lead to the following problems:

Inhibit The Plan from Growing: a high ratio of coffee grounds can create excess nitrogen in the soil. This can prevent your spider plant from absorbing other nutrients. As result, the plant will start growing slowly or stop growing altogether.

Pests: coffee grounds are known for their capacity to deter many kinds of pests. However, if you add these grounds directly to the top of the soil, they will have the opposite effect. In this case, coffee grounds will attract other kinds of pests such as houseflies and gnats.

Kill Good Bacteria: coffee grounds are known for having some antibacterial properties that can help keep diseases away from your plants. But, when you overuse these grounds, the antibacterial properties can also kill the beneficial bacteria. In this case, the plant won’t benefit from a lot of hormones produced by the bacteria.

Fungal Diseases: excessive use of coffee grounds is also known for attracting fungal diseases. Using a high coffee grounds ratio in compost will make your plant vulnerable to fungi.

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What to Consider Before Using Coffee Grounds for Spider Plant?

The main thing to consider when applying coffee grounds to your spider plant is to never add them directly to the soil. When you do so, you may cause serious problems to your plant such as attracting fungus, pests, and stunting growth. Instead, try mixing coffee grounds with water or other soil amendments.

To avoid using coffee grounds excessively you should use them every other month instead of applying them monthly. For example, feed your plant with a coffee grounds based fertilizer for the first month, and then switch to some other food the following month, and so on. 

Another thing to consider when using coffee grounds as fertilizer is that they do not have all the necessary nutrients for plant growth. Therefore, if you see that your plant needs some extra nutrients, don’t hesitate to use other kinds of fertilizers that can complement the nutrients offered by coffee grounds.

Finally, you should take into consideration that coffee grounds are acidic. Therefore, if your soil is already acidic, then there is no need for these grounds.

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