Do Jade Plants Like Coffee Grounds?

Do you want to use coffee grounds for your jade plant, but are you wondering whether they are suitable for this plant? If yes, then you are in the right place. Just go through this article, and you will get answers to all your questions regarding using coffee grounds for the jade plant.

Jade plants like coffee grounds because they increase the acidity of the soil. In fact, this plant grows best in slightly acidic soil with a pH of around 6. Therefore, adding an acidic element such as coffee grounds to the soil can help this plant grow comfortably.

In the following paragraphs, we will tell you about the advantages and drawbacks of using coffee grounds for the jade plant as well as how and when to use them for maximum results.

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Coffee Grounds Ready to Use for Jade Plant

What Are the Advantages of Using Coffee Grounds for Jade Plant?

Coffee grounds have many advantages for the jade plant. In addition to making the soil more acidic, they contain essential minerals such as nitrogen, ammonium, and nitrate. Additionally, coffee grounds can help keep pests and diseases away and improve soil drainage.

Let’s go over every advantage of coffee grounds for the jade plant and explain it in detail.

Improve Soil Acidity: jade plant love to grow in slightly acidic soil. If the soil you have is neutral or alkaline, then using coffee grounds can help you reach a soil pH level below 7.

Improve Soil Composition: coffee grounds are considered a special fertilizer in many parts of the world. Coffee beans contain nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron. They are also rich in humic acid, which encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria in the soil.

Help to Aerate Your Soil: Coffee grounds have tiny holes in them, and when combined with water, they create small channels. By making these channels, the water can penetrate deeper into the soil, and your plants will receive more water.

Improve Drainage: Coffee grounds improve soil drainage by adding organic matter, nutrients, and minerals. This helps to absorb the water out of the soil and prevent it from sitting there and causing root rot.

Keeps Pests Away: Coffee grounds have a strong smell that helps repel insects and reduce the possibility of a disease spreading. To use this pest control method, you will want to mix coffee grounds with a bit of water and let the mixture sit for only 30 minutes or so to start seeing results.

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What Are the Drawbacks of Using Coffee Grounds for Jade Plant?

Coffee grounds are generally used to make plants grow healthier and faster. However, when used excessively, they can have the opposite effect on a plant, like a jade plant. The main drawback of coffee grounds is retaining excessive moisture in the Soil, which can cause root rot.

Additionally, excessive use of coffee grounds can make the Soil clayey and fight the growth of beneficial bacteria in the Soil.

Let’s go over each drawback of coffee grounds in detail and see how it impacts the jade plant.

They Can Create Excessive Moisture in the Soil: if you add coffee grounds to your potting mix, they will make the Soil hold too much water. This can make the Soil waterlogged, which prevents the roots from getting oxygen and cause the plant to Rot.

Make the Soil Clayey: When you fertilize your plants with coffee grounds, water becomes sticky, and the Soil gets hard after it dries out. This makes your Soil too wet for the roots to penetrate, which prevents the plant from getting the necessary nutrients it needs for growth.

Slows Down the Growth of Young Plants: the acidic property of coffee grounds are suitable for mature plants. However, if you are growing a young jade plant, we highly recommend avoiding using them because they are known for hindering the growth of unestablished plants.

Kills Good Bacteria: Coffee grounds contain tannins that may kill many beneficial bacteria in the Soil.

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How to Use Coffee Grounds for Jade Plant?

The first step is to collect coffee grounds from your favorite coffee shop or restaurant. You can also ask your local coffee shop for its leftover coffee grounds. Next, spread the coffee grounds out on your Soil, ensuring that it is evenly distributed.

It is recommended that you use about 1 cup of coffee grounds for every 10 square feet of Soil. Make sure you keep the Soil moist after applying the coffee grounds.

Another method of using coffee grounds is by making compost out of them. This works well because coffee beans are easily dissolved in water which helps the plant absorb the nutrients smoothly. If you follow this method, ensure you don’t add too many coffee grounds to the water to avoid the drawbacks mentioned above.

Preparing a Liquid Compost for Jade Plant Using Coffee Grounds

To prepare a compost tea from coffee grounds, you can follow the subsequent steps:

Step 1- Put about four cups of coffee grounds into a container. You can use a plastic bucket, plastic Tupperware, or any container holding approximately four cups of coffee grounds.

Step 2- Add some water to your container. It is best to use warm water, but it doesn’t matter if it is cold.

Step 3- Mix the water and coffee grounds well. Make sure to mix the grounds entirely into the water. If you have a hand mixer, that will work just fine. You can use a spoon if you don’t have a hand mixer.

Step 4- Let the container sit in a dark place for at least a day.

Step 5- After a few days, you can use the mix as compost.

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F.A.Q About Using Coffee Grounds for Jad Plant

How Much Coffee Grounds Should I Use for My Jade Plant?

The amount of coffee grounds you should use for your jade plant depends on its size. Generally speaking, about 1 cup is sufficient for a small jade plant. For a larger jade plant, 2 cups should be adequate.

Generally, if you want to use coffee grounds for your plant, it is best to soak them for approximately 30 minutes.

It is important to note that jade plants are usually sensitive to caffeine, so you must be careful about how much coffee or tea you put in your plant’s water. Therefore, you must ensure that the jade plant is exposed to a minimum amount of caffeine.

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How Often Can I Use Coffee Grounds for Jade Plant?

It is best to use coffee grounds as a fertilizer for your jade plant once a week or every two weeks, depending on the size of the plant you have. Then, you should monitor the state of your plant and adjust the schedule accordingly.

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