Can You Plant Different Pothos Variants Together?

Are you wondering whether you can plant different pothos varieties together? If so, then we can answer this question. This article will find all the information you need about this topic.

Many people grow pothos in the same room or apartment, but I have seen only a few houseplants enthusiasts grow pothos in the same pot. So, read on if you want to know whether you can grow different pothos variants in the same pot.

Can You Plant Different Pothos Together?

You can grow different types of pothos together because all the varieties of this plant have the exact needs and care protocol. The only thing you should consider when growing a group of pothos together is choosing a large pot to support the roots of all varieties as they grow.

Different Pothos Variants

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What Is Going to Happen if You Grow Different Pothos Together?

When you grow different pothos variants together, the only problem you may have is that the roots of one plant may start competing for space with another. This can cause severe damage to the soil and plants. For example, when the roots become too large for the quantity of dirt the pot can handle, the plant will no longer absorb water.

As long as you are growing different types of pothos in the same pot, make sure that you re-pot them more frequently than you do when you grow a single pothos per pot. By doing so, you will guarantee that each pothos variant will have enough space for growth.

Also, contrary to what people think, when you grow different variants of pothos together, they will not grow into each other.

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How to Grow Different Pothos Together in One Pot?

Growing different pothos variants together will be easy if you have already grown at least one kind of pothos before. The procedure to follow is straightforward, you will do the same as growing a golden pothos, but you will repeat some steps with the other variants. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to grow different pothos variants together:

  1. Make Sure that All Your Cutting Are Healthy: if you are cutting stems or vines, make sure the cut is clean and healthy, then cut using disinfected scissors. If you are removing leaves, it should be done by hand instead of scissors. Also, If a flower pot has drainage holes at the bottom, ensure that all roots are healthy and don’t look rotten. Or else the plant will not survive through root rot.
  2.  Sprout Each Cutting in Water Separately: When growing several vines or stems of pothos cuttings, they should not be planted together immediately. Ensure each cutting is sprouted in water separately and then transferred to the pot when roots start showing up. This way, you can ensure that no one will get hurt during the planting process. For example, if one cutting has more aggressive tendencies, it might choke other plants in the pot.
  3.  Transfer Each Variety of Pothos to The Soil Separately: when all the variants of pothos start growing their roots, you can transfer each one separately to the soil. Make sure that the pot is large enough to increase the number of varieties you choose. For example, if you want to grow two types of pothos, you will need a two inches pot, but if you have 5 varieties of pothos, you will need at least a 7 inches pot.
  4.  Check Soil Moister Regularly and Water the Plants Accordingly: if you place several pothos cuttings in the same pot, they will need more water to grow. Ensure you give them plenty of water during the first weeks after they have been transferred to a new pot.

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How to Care for Pothos when You Grow Different Types of This Plant Together?

When you grow different kinds of pothos together, you should prune them regularly because one may grow faster than others and must be trimmed more often.

Pruning helps keep the plant looking neat and encourages new growth. It’s best to prune pothos early in the morning or late in the afternoon – never during midday when the sun is the hottest.

When you plant different pothos together, you will need to re-pot them more frequently than when you grow one variant in a pot because they will consume the nutrients in the soil faster.

When pothos are planted together, they will need to be fertilized more frequently. To fertilize a group of pothos that grows in the same pot, it’s recommended to use a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted to ½ strength once every three weeks during the spring and summer.

Can You Grow Pothos with Other Plants Together at The Same Pot?

Pothos grown with Other Plants Together

You can grow many other plants with pothos in the same pot. In fact, if pothos can share the same soil in a garden, then it’s evident that they can share the same pot. The one and only rule of thumb to consider when growing different plants together in the same pot is using plants with the same growing conditions.

Plants that share the same growing conditions are called companion plants. In the case of pothos, companion plants are the ones that need indirect sunlight, high humidity, and moderate watering. I find Snake Plant, Jade Plant, and Asparagus Fern the best plants you can grow with pothos in the same pot. For example, the snake plant needs the same growing conditions as the pothos. Additionally, this plant will give your pot a stunning look when combined with pothos.

Here is a real example of a pothos grown with another plant in the same pot:

Pothos & Philo Brasil grown in the same container

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You can grow different pothos variants together in the same pot successfully because they all require the same conditions for growth. However, there are two crucial steps to consider before doing so. The first thing is to use healthy vines only, and the second is to sprout each variant’s cutting separately in water before planting all the cuttings in the soil.

You can also plant other plants with your pothos in the same pot. Just make sure they require the same care protocol and growth conditions.

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