Can Pothos Grow While Fully Submerged In Water?

Do you wonder whether pothos can grow while submerged in water or not? If you have no idea, we can provide you with an answer. Read our article thoroughly, and you will get a detailed response to this question.

It can be challenging to grow plants While Fully Submerged In Water, particularly if the water level is constantly changing. But it’s not impossible! This blog post will tell you whether you can grow pothos underwater and show why aquarium owners love to grow pothos!

Can Pothos Be Submerged?

Pothos can not grow underwater if fully submerged because they do not support overwatering. However, if you leave some of the leaves of your pothos hanging out of the water, then pothos can grow underwater. But, the best way to grow pothos in water is to put only the roots underwater and keep the leaves hanging out.

Check the following video, for more insights on growing pothos underwater:

Pothos plant grown fully underwater

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How to Grow Pothos in An Aquarium in Three Easy Steps?

Aquarium Plants

Growing pothos in an aquarium is similar to propagating pothos in water. All you have to do is to start with a healthy cutting to avoid infecting your aquarium water and fish. I cut my pothos at an angle and used a stem about a foot to a foot and a half long. I find that the longer you go, the better results you will get. Then you will need to remove any leaves at the bottom of the cutting.

After you prepare your clean and healthy cutting, you can submerge a segment of the stem underwater. Then, anchor the plants so only their roots and part of the stem are in the water but not the leaves.

Generally, roots will sprout out of there in a matter of a few days if you provide sufficient light. This plant will grow new leaves rapidly if you give it enough light. Also, don’t forget to cut the roots regularly to keep the aquarium looking good because pothos roots will grow at high speed in aquariums.

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What Are the Benefits of Growing Pothos Underwater?

There are many benefits to growing pothos in an aquarium, but one of the most notable is that it can help reduce the level of nitrates in the water. This is because pothos removes nitrogen from the water, which helps keep your fish healthy and reduces the amount of algae growth in the aquarium.

So if you grow pothos in your aquarium, they will make it aesthetically pleasing by making the water clean and transparent. But more importantly, pothos will reduce your work to maintain your aquarium because you will change the water less frequently.

Another benefit of growing pothos in an aquarium is that it absorbs carbon dioxide secreted by the fish and releases more oxygen into the water. This helps your fish stay healthy since they don’t need to overproduce their oxygen, which is harmful to aquarium fish.

In fact, too much carbon dioxide in the water can be unhealthy to fish, making the water more acidic and can cause them to become sick.

Growing pothos in an aquarium can also help combat algae growth. As mentioned above, pothos removes nitrogen from the water, inhibiting algae growth and keeping your aquarium clean and healthy.

Finally, pothos is a great option if you’re looking for an easy way to cover up your aquarium. But it would help if you considered growing many stems to fully cover your aquarium.

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Is Pothos Safe for Aquarium Fish?

Pothos can be safely grown in any aquarium, from freshwater tanks to saltwater tanks. However, pothos is not very nutritious for fish and will need to be supplemented with other plants or food.

Additionally, the leaves of the plant can become covered in algae if you don’t keep them trimmed, so it’s essential to monitor the growth of the pothos in your aquarium. If you’re looking for more nutritious plants to help keep your fish healthy, try growing some Java moss or Anubias nana instead.

Finally, pothos can provide egg-spawning fish with places to lay their eggs and harbor them until they hatch.

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What Are the Best Plants to Grow Underwater?

Plants grown underwater

If you are looking for a plant to grow underwater or in an aquarium, pothos might be a good choice, but other plants can grow fully submerged and still provide the same benefits as pothos. Here is our list of the best plants that you can grow underwater:

  • Cryptocoryne wendtii: this is our best aquarium plant because it does not require too much care. In fact, as an aquarium owner, I prefer to grow plants that grow on neglect to give all my time to my aquariums and fish.
  •  Aponogeton Crispus: in addition to being nontoxic for aquarium fish, this plant is known for its capacity to grow faster in aquariums.
  •  Marimo Moss Ball: these round-shaped plants are one of the most aesthetically pleasing things you can add to your aquarium. Also, this plant is not expensive, making it easy to cover the whole bottom of your aquarium.
  •  Java Fern is one of the easiest plants to grow in an aquarium because it can grow just by letting the leaves float on the aquarium surface.
  •  Vallisneria: this plant can make your aquarium look like a water jungle if you grow it correctly. Also, this is one of the plants that your fish can eat without any problem.

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So, pothos can’t grow while fully submerged in water. However, if you immerse a stem in a water tank or an aquarium, you can grow this plant quickly. Additionally, pothos can help reduce the level of nitrates in aquarium water and combat algae growth. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to add some greenery to your tank, consider growing a few pothos plants.

Overall, pothos makes excellent additions to any aquarium and are perfect for those new to keeping fish. They are low-maintenance plants that don’t require much care and can help keep your aquarium clean and healthy.

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