Can You Grow a Calathea in Your Bathroom? Find Out Now!

Do you want to grow calathea in your bathroom, but you are hesitating? If yes, then you need to read this article thoroughly. We have tried to answer all your questions about calathea and its ability to grow indoors in the bathroom.

Calathea is an attractive choice to grow indoors. However, choosing the best indoor location for this plant may be challenging. Some people will recommend that you grow calathea in the bathroom, while others will recommend growing it in the kitchen or the bedroom.

In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of growing Calathea in the bathroom and the best location where you can put calathea indoors.
Let’s get started!

A calathea plant in a bathroom

Can Calathea Grow in Bathroom?

As noted by many gardeners, calathea is an excellent plant for growing in the bathroom. The reason why calathea is a good choice for bathrooms is because this plant requires high humidity to thrive. Considering that bathrooms are usually humid, calathea will be happy in these environments.

Low Light may be the only issue you may encounter while growing calathea in the bathroom. Even if this plant is known to tolerate low Light, a dark bathroom would be very risky for calathea. Therefore, if you have a bathroom with no window, you should choose another location for your calathea or use it to grow Light. 

If you want to grow calathea in the bathroom, then you need to consider the light conditions. Some bathrooms have natural Light coming into the room. In this case, you don’t need to worry about adding artificial lighting to the bathroom.

Generally, growing a calathea in a bathroom has many advantages and drawbacks. Let’s go over each one of them in detail.

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Advantages of Growing Calathea in the Bathroom

Several benefits to growing calathea in a bathroom include saving space and having a decorative plant grown indoors year-round without too much maintenance.

Will Not Require Too Much Water: inside the bathroom, the humidity and the temperature are relatively low. This makes the soil dry slowly. As a result, calathea will not need to be watered frequently when grown in the bathroom.

Saving space: by growing calathea in the bathroom, you can save space in other rooms of your house. This will benefit you if you are a houseplant lover living in a small Appartement.

It Helps You Get Rid of the Bad Smell: bathrooms are usually associated with bad smells. If you are not a big fan of chemical air fresheners, then growing calathea in the toilet is something that you should try.

Aesthetics: Calathea’s beautiful, vibrant, and colorful leaves will look great in any bathroom. 

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Drawbacks of Growing Calathea in the Bathroom

Several drawbacks to growing calathea in a bathroom include low Light, low temperature, and poor air circulation. Let’s go over each one of these disadvantages in detail.

Low Light: unless you have a west-facing window in your bathroom, calathea will suffer from common light conditions in such an environment. The plant can still grow fine in any bathroom under grow lights. However, if you want a calathea with ample shining foliage, you should not consider growing it in a bathroom.

Low temperature is perhaps the most crucial disadvantage of growing calathea in a bathroom. As you might expect, calathea needs temperatures of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit to thrive. But bathrooms are usually colder than this range of temperature. As a result, if you don’t have a device to maintain a stable temperature for your calathea in the bathroom, you should choose another location for this plant.

Poor Air Circulation: the air circulation in a bathroom can be terrible at best. If you are planning on growing calathea in a bathroom, you will need to find a way to improve the air circulation there. There are many ways to do this: placing an air circulator or fan in the bathroom. This will improve air circulation and help your plants grow healthy. 

You Can Forget to Water Them: when going to the bathroom, we are usually in a rush! This will make us forget to check our calathea and see if they need watering, repotting, or anything else. Therefore, growing calathea somewhere where it will be more exposed to our vision field would be more practical. Near the television or at the house’s entrance would be more advantageous.

Exposure to Chemicals: Generally, plants are sensitive to chemicals. So, if you want to grow calathea in your bathroom, it would evolve under the risk of cosmetic and household chemicals.

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Can I Keep Calathea in the Bedroom?

On the whole, calathea is an ideal plant for the bedroom. In fact, this plant will purify the air and regulate the humidity in your bedroom, which will positively impact your sleep. This plant will also give your bedroom a calming effect. In addition, calathea is a good option for those who want to decorate their bedroom with plants.

Let’s go over all the advantages of growing calathea in the bedroom.

Air Purification: Calathea will help purify the air in your bedroom. It has been known to effectively remove smoke and dust particles from the air.

Relaxing Environment: The calathea plant will give your bedroom a relaxing environment. The natural scent emitted by this plant will provide you with a soothing atmosphere. Because of the calming smell, you will not feel stressed or anxious when you wake up.

Better Sleep: Calathea has been known to have a calming effect on people. It has been proven to be a good option for those who want a good night’s sleep. You will have a night of restful sleep if you grow this plant in your bedroom.

Decorating Option: The leaves and flowers of calathea can be used to decorate your home. This is one of the best plants for decorating rooms with a modern look. 

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Where Is the Best Place to Put a Calathea?

The best place to put calathea is near a south-facing window where it can get indirect sunlight exposure, good air ventilation, high humidity, and temperature between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Any room or location that offers these conditions will be perfect for calathea.

A Calathea plant growing indoors in a suitable location

The kitchen and bathroom are the rooms that offer growing conditions for calathea in the house. Generally, kitchens and bathrooms provide high humidity and suitable temperature. You will need a south-facing window in your bathroom or kitchen to make your calathea happy.
If you choose to grow your calathea in the kitchen, you should be careful with gas and heat. On the other hand, if you grow this plant in the bathroom, you may struggle to keep the temperature within the appropriate range.
Generally, we advise keeping calathea away from a heat source like an oven when you grow it in the kitchen. Also, we recommend using a temperature controller to help maintain your calathea warm enough in the bathroom.

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