Get to Know the Snow Queen Pothos: 5 Common Questions Answered

Pothos is a type of plant that is known for its easy care and hardiness. They can be grown in various conditions, making them an excellent choice for novice gardeners. Snow queen pothos is a cultivar of the common pothos plant and is prized for its variegated leaves. This plant has a few different requirements than regular Pothos, so you may need some specific knowledge to grow it correctly.

If you’re one of the many people considering adding a Snow Queen pothos to their home or garden, you may have some questions about this plant. This article will answer the most common questions about snow queen pothos.

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Can Snow Queen Pothos Revert?

Snow Queen Pothos Plant

Snow queen pothos can revert to its original form like any variegated plant. In fact, all variegated plants may revert back to the form of their parent plants due to seasonal changes. In the case of snow queen pothos, reversion will most likely manifest when the icy white leaves turn green again.

Reversion is a natural reaction that snow queen pothos uses to get self-protected from external factors and stay alive. Generally, variegated plants revert when there is not enough chlorophyll. As a result, the plant will try to retain as much chlorophyll as possible inside the leaves, which justifies the green color that dominates the leaves when snow queen pothos revert.

You can check out the following video for more insights about how to care for snow queen pothos:

Snow Queen Pothos Care Guide

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Why Is My Snow Queen Turning Green?

The most common reason a snow queen pothos turns green is that it is not getting enough light. Snow queens are a compact variety that requires consistent exposure to indirect sunlight. But if you live where it’s impossible to get daily sunlight, you can use grow lights to avoid variegation and help your plant stay healthy.

Variegation may also happen when the leaves of a plant are not all the same color, which is the case for snow queen pothos. In fact, plants have different types of cells in their leaves, some cells make the leaves green, and others make the leaves yellow or white. For example, when a plant needs to produce more chlorophyll, it will automatically make the green color dominate.

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Why Is My Snow Queen Pothos Turning Yellow?

The leaves of a snow queen pothos plant can turn yellow mainly because of overwatering. And there are other reasons that may lead to this issue. One reason is that the plant is not getting enough sunlight. Another one is that the plant is not getting enough water. Finally, a lack of nutrients can also contribute to this issue.

Leaves that have turned yellow can sometimes become green again, but this depends on why they turned yellow in the first place. If the leaves of snow queen pothos turn yellow because they are over-watered, then they may become green again if you reduce your watering frequency.

If the leaves turned yellow because they were not getting enough sunlight, they might become green again if they are moved to a sunnier location. But If the leaves are yellowing because of a lack of nutrients, they may never become green again.

Sometimes a snow queen’s pothos leaves may turn yellow because the plant is infected with vein mites. These tiny arachnids usually do not affect plants, but in this case, they can cause the leaves to turn yellow.

When leaves yellowing is caused by pest infection, you can save your plant by removing the pests by hand or using a vacuum. The vacuum will also help get the leaves dry. But if you see some pests eggs on your plant that weren’t removed by the vacuum, you should cut the yellow leaves and throw them away.

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How to Get Your Snow Queen Pothos Plant Back to Green?

To get your snow queen pothos plant back to green, move it to an area with less sunlight. Generally, this plant has icy white leaves that turn green when it needs to produce more chlorophyll. The best way to help the plant enter this state is by reducing sunlight exposure.

Before placing your Snow Queen Pothos Plant in a sunny location, you can use a light meter to measure the light intensity your plant will get. I measure the light in the previous area and then try to look for another place where the light meter will indicate a higher value.

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How Do You Make the Snow Queen Pothos More White?

The best way to make the Snow Queen Pothos more white is to expose it to extra light. To do so, you can place your plant near a window where it can get indirect sunlight daily or use grow light. But other factors can support your snow queen pothos to become more white, like high humidity and warm temperature.

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Is Snow Queen Pothos Rare?

Snow Queen Pothos is not rare. In fact, it is one of the most common houseplants that can be found at most nurseries and home improvement stores. It is a popular houseplant that is very easy to take care of and will only improve with time.

There are over a dozen species of Pothos, and they are relatively easy to grow. The tricky part is knowing which variety you have since they all look very similar. You can tell them apart by their leaf shape, size, and color.

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What Is the Difference Between Snow Queen and Marble Queen Pothos?

Difference Between Snow Queen and Marble Queen Pothos

The main difference between Snow Queen pothos and Marble Queen pothos is that Snow Queen pothos has white leaves while Marble Queen pothos has green leaves. Other than that, they are almost identical.

Both Pothos are great at hanging in chandeliers and other large light fixtures. They grow very well in indirect light, and both types bloom for you every six months if you are lucky.

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So, snow queen pothos is one of the best pothos variations as it has creamy white leaves that are exclusive to this plant. However, maintaining the whiteness of this plant is a significant challenge as it variegates quickly when it lacks light. To avoid this issue, we advise growing this plant near a window where it can get enough indirect sunlight. Also, when growing sensitive plants like the snow queen pothos, it’s highly recommended to use a light meter to measure precisely how much light the plant is getting.

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